What does Dagmaria mean?

Dagmaria means "day; maid"

How do we pronounce Dagmaria?

Dagmaria \da-gma-ria, dag-mar-ia\ is a female's name. It consists of 8 letters and 4 syllables.

The baby girl name Dagmaria is pronounced as DAEGMEHRIYah 1.

1 approx English pronunciation for Dagmaria: D as in "day (D.EY)" ; AE as in "at (AE.T)" ; G as in "grin (G.R.IH.N)" ; M as in "me (M.IY)" ; EH as in "ebb (EH.B)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)" ; AH as in "mud (M.AH.D)"

What is the origin of Dagmaria?

The origin of Dagmaria is the Old Norse language. Dagmaria is a variant form of the Czech, German, and Scandinavian name Dagmar name.

List of baby names that sound like Dagmaria:

the name Dagmarie meaning, the name short names for Dagomara, the Czech and Estonian name Dagmara meaning, the name meaning of Dagomar, the name short names for Dagomaria, the name name Dagomarr, the Spanish Dejanira meaning and origin, the Czech, German, and Scandinavian Dagmar name, and the name Dagmarr name variations.

The baby name Dagmaria fun facts:

The name Dagmaria in reverse order is "Airamgad".

The numerological value of the name Dagmaria is number 9, which means humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression.

How popular is Dagmaria?

Dagmaria is not in the top girl names in USA.