What does Naviyah mean?

Naviyah means "one who is youthful"

How do we pronounce Naviyah?

Naviyah \na-vi-yah, nav-iy-ah\ is a female's name. It consists of 7 letters and 3 syllables.

The baby girl name Naviyah is pronounced NAEVIHYah- 1.

1 approx English pronunciation for Naviyah: N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; AE as in "at (AE.T)" ; V as in "vow (V.AW)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; Y as in "you (Y.UW)" ; AH as in "mud (M.AH.D)"

What is the origin of Naviyah?

Naviyah's language of origin is Sanskrit. Naviyah is a derivative of the name baby name Navya.

List of baby names that is pronounced like Naviyah:

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The baby name Naviyah fun facts:

The name Naviyah in reverse order is "Hayivan".

The numerological value of the name Naviyah is number 8, which means practical endeavors, status oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals.

How popular is Naviyah?

Naviyah is not in the top girl names in USA.