What does Nimrod mean?

Nimrod means "hunter"

How do we pronounce Nimrod?

Nimrod \ni-mrod, nim-r-od\ is a boy's name. It consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables.

The baby boy name Nimrod is pronounced in English as NIHMRaaD 1.

1 Pronunciation for Nimrod: N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; M as in "me (M.IY)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S)" ; AA as in "odd (AA.D)" ; D as in "day (D.EY)"

What is the origin of Nimrod?

Nimrod is largely used in German and its origin is Hebrew. Biblical name: The meaning of Nimrod is hunter. The name is of obscure origin; it could also be of Babylonian origin. It was borne in the Bible by a Mesopotamian king and great-grandson of Noah; he was described as 'a mighty hunter before the Lord'. name Nim meaning, name Nimm, and name Nymrod origin are variant transcriptions of Nimrod.

List of baby names Nimrod:

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The baby name Nimrod fun facts:

The name Nimrod in reverse order is "Dormin".

The numerological value of the name Nimrod is number 1, which means initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, individual.

How popular is Nimrod?

Nimrod is not in the top boy names in USA.