What does George mean?

George means "farmer, earthworker"

How do we pronounce George?

George \geo-(r)ge, ge-o-rge\ is a boy's name. It consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables.

The baby boy name George is pronounced as JHOWRJH (English) 1.

1 Pronunciation for George: JH as in "joy (JH.OY)" ; OW as in "oak (OW.K)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S)"

What is the origin of George?

George is used predominantly in the English language and its origin is Old Greek. The name's meaning is farmer, earthworker. Georgius (Latin) and Georgos (Old Greek) are old forms of George. The Latin Georgius is derived from the Old Greek Georgios, which is of the element 'georgos' (farmer); the element itself is a compound of 'ge' (earth) and 'ergo' (to work). The name was borne by several early saints, including Saint George, who was immortalised in the tale of his slaying a dragon, and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. He was regarded as the patron saint of England since the 14th century, but in spite of this, the name was not popular with English speakers in the medieval period. The name became popular after the accession of the Hanoverian King George I in 1714. Subsequently five other English monarchs bore the name, further boosting its popularity and cementing its status as a royal name. The name nicknames for Georgia (English) is the female version of George. The name George is widely used; it has 119 variants that are used in both English and other languages.

Other versions used in English Georas name variations, Geordi meaning, Georget pronounciation, nicknames for Georgi (used in Russian and Slavic as well), meaning of Georgii, name Giogio origin, meaning of Giorgi, Giorgios name, nicknames for Giorgius, baby name Gorge, Gorka pronounciation, nicknames for Gorya, Gosha pronounciation, short names for Grzegorz, Gunya name, Iorgos definition, Jerzy name (used in Czech and Polish as well), baby name Joren (used in Scandinavian as well), meaning of Jorge (used in Spanish as well), Jory meaning and origin, Jura meaning of name, Siaosi name popularity, Yiorgos meaning of name, Yorgos definition, Yorick name (used in Scandinavian as well), name Yorrick (used in Scandinavian as well), Zhorz name, and nicknames for Zhura. The diminutive forms name Geordie (used in Scottish as well), Georgie name, and nicknames for Georgy are other English variants. Foreign variants of George Chorche name variations (Aragonese), meaning of Deorsa (Gaelic), Deòrsa definition (Gaelic), Djordje name variations (Slavic), baby name Djura (Slavic), Durko meaning (Czech), Egor pronounciation (Russian), name Georg origin (German, Scandinavian, and Slavic), Georges meaning (French), Georgio meaning and origin (Italian), nicknames for Georgios (Greek), Georgius pronounciation (Dutch), Georgiy name (Russian), name Georgs meaning (Latvian), short names for Gevork (Armenian), name Gheorghe meaning (Romanian), Giorgio meaning and origin (Italian), nicknames for Giorgis (Greek), Giorgos meaning and origin (Greek), name Gjergj origin (Albanian), Gogos meaning of name (Greek), name Goran meaning (Scandinavian), baby name Göran (Scandinavian), meaning of Gyorgy (Hungarian and Russian), György meaning of name (Hungarian), baby name Gyuri (Hungarian), Gyurka definition (Hungarian), Igor meaning of name (Czech, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Slavic), Iouri definition (Russian), name Jeorg meaning (German), Jiri meaning and origin (Czech and Slavic), short names for Jirí (Czech), Joergen meaning and origin (Scandinavian), meaning of Joeri (Dutch), baby name Joji (Japanese), what does the name Jorck mean (Scandinavian), what does the name Jordi mean (Catalan), Jordy meaning of name (Dutch), Jorgen name (Scandinavian), name Joris meaning (Dutch and German), name Jorje origin (Spanish), meaning of Jorn (Scandinavian), nicknames for Jorre (Dutch, Finnish, and Scandinavian), Jorrín meaning and origin (Spanish), Jörg name variations (German), short names for Jörgen (German and Scandinavian), Jörn name popularity (German), name Jørgen (Scandinavian), name Juergen meaning (German), name Jur meaning (Czech), name Juraj origin (Slavic), baby name Juraz (Czech), meaning of Jurek (Polish), Jurgen definition (Dutch and German), name Jurgi origin (Russian), Jurgis meaning (Lithuanian), Juri meaning and origin (Estonian, Russian, and Slavic), Jurik pronounciation (Czech), Jurka name variations (Polish), what does the name Jurko mean (Czech), name Juro (Czech), name Jurriaan (Dutch), Jürg meaning and origin (German), Jürgen meaning of name (German), Keoki name (Hawaiian), what does the name Mahi'ai mean (Hawaiian), Schorsch pronounciation (German), Semer name popularity (Ethiopian), Seoras pronounciation (Scottish), short names for Siors (Welsh), Siôr definition (Welsh), nicknames for Xorge (Spanish), Xurxo meaning and origin (Galician), baby name Yegor (Russian), York name variations (Scandinavian), name Youri (Dutch), Yoyi meaning (Hebrew), name Yrjo meaning (Finnish), name Yura origin (Russian), name Yurchik origin (Russian), meaning of Yuri (Russian and Ukrainian), name Yurij meaning (Russian), Yurik pronounciation (Russian), Yuriy name popularity (Russian), nicknames for Yurko (Russian), Yusha meaning (Russian), Zhora meaning of name (Russian), and Zhorka meaning and origin (Russian). George is a classic favorite. Today it is still a popular baby name for boys, though to a lesser extent than it was before. In 1900, 3.330% of baby boys were given the name George. It ranked at #4 then. The baby name has since steeply fallen in popularity, and is in recent years of occasional use. In 2010, its usage was only 0.115% and its ranking #164, however it was nonetheless the most popular out of all boy names in its group. In 2010, 2.855% more boys were named George than the subsequent ranked name, Jorge definition. The name George has been mostly given to baby boys, though it has also been used as a girl name in the past century. In 1955, the name George was given to 164 times as many baby boys than girls.

The following famous people share the name George:

  • Actor Richard Chamberlain, born George Richard Chamberlain, 31 March 1935, Beverly Hills, California
  • Actor George Clooney, born 6 May 1961, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Actor George Hamilton, born 12 August 1939, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Actor George Lazenby, born 5 September 1939, Goulburn, Australia
  • Actor George Reeves, born George Keefer Brewer, 5 January 1914 - 16 June 1959, Woolstock, Iowa
  • Actor George C
  • Scott, born 18 October 1927 - 22 September 1999, Wise, Virginia
  • Actor Orson Welles, born George Orson Welles, 6 May 1915 - 9 October 1985, Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Author George Orwell, born Eric Arthur Blair, 25 June 1903 - 21 January 1950, Motohari, India
  • Author George Bernard Shaw, born 26 July 1856 - 2 November 1950, Dublin, Ireland
  • Baseball Player Babe Ruth, born George Herman Ruth, Jr., 6 February 1895 - 16 August 1948, Baltimore, Maryland.

List of baby names George:

name Georgs origin (Latvian), Jaric pronounciation, Jerk definition (Scandinavian), name Jerok origin (English), meaning of Jorje (Spanish), meaning of Tjark (Frisian), Georas meaning and origin, Georgie name popularity (English), short names for Georgii, name Georgius meaning (Dutch), Georgy name variations (English), Gerek name (English and Polish), Gerick meaning (English), Gerreck name variations (English), nicknames for Gerrek (English), Gerrik name popularity (English), nicknames for Giorgi, nicknames for Giorgis (Greek), Giorgius meaning of name, and name Girish origin (Indian).

The baby name George fun facts:

The name George in reverse order is "Egroeg".

The numerological value of the name George is number 3, which means expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

How popular is George?

George is in the top names in USA.

Source: https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames