What does Nasrin mean?

Nasrin means "wild rose"

How do we pronounce Nasrin?

Nasrin \na-srin, nas-r-in\ is a female's name. It consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables.

The baby girl name Nasrin is pronounced as Nah-ZRIY-N 1.

1 English pronunciation for Nasrin: N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; AH as in "mud (M.AH.D)" ; Z as in "zoo (Z.UW)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)"

What is the origin of Nasrin?

Nasrin is used mostly in the Arabic and Urdu languages, and it is of Old Persian origin. The name's meaning is wild rose. The Iranian name Nasreen meaning of name and the Turkish name Nesrin meaning and origin are derivatives of Nasrin.

List of baby names that sound like Nasrin:

the Iranian short names for Nasreen, the Turkish name Nesrin, the French Nisrine meaning of name, the Akan Nkruma meaning of name, the French short names for Nesrine, and the Hebrew short names for Nazarena.

The baby name Nasrin fun facts:

The name Nasrin in reverse order is "Nirsan".

The numerological value of the name Nasrin is number 3, which means expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

How popular is Nasrin?

Nasrin is not in the top girl names in USA.